Just steps away from our lakefront property houses our 700 square foot training facility, identified by neon light as simply the “Puppy Palace”. With 1500 sf of fence and pet friendly artificial turf, our outdoor training area offers the best in both safety and fun for dogs of all ages. Located on a private drive ensures for safe walks and access to a large field for exercise and play.

Do you remember the scandal of Tammy Fae Baker’s luxurious dog house? Air conditioned and beautiful! Well, I thought it was all perfectly normal and not scandalous.

The custom designed indoor facility allows for easy cleaning (over 10 hidden drains) and maximum fun and safety during training. The porcelain tile floor provides excellent traction without harming paws. Tim and his team understand the importance of maintaining a clean facility to protect from diseases. Even the feeding bowls go through the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning after each use.

As you enter the Puppy Palace there are 4 Kennel suites. These are used depending on how you like your dog to sleep.  If you want them in a crate that’s fine or they have a nice matt and towels in the kennel.  Tim prefers you not bring their dog bed because, for example, your dog needs to adjust to all the new surroundings.  If they have their bed, they might retreat to that and not get the socialization that is good for them.

The Puppy Palace

Next is a large training area. So, no matter the weather, your pet will get trained in a spacious well-lit area. 

To the right is the kitchen feeding prep area, bath station (although we really don’t offer grooming) and a bathroom (for humans).

Lastly a beautiful sitting area with floor to ceiling bay window overlooking our wooded area that leads to a great view of the lake….and squirrel watching.  Usually at the end of the evening all the dogs on site gather for relaxing music with dimmed lights and candle lights as they get ready for bed.

Cameras enable us to monitor how the dogs are doing at night.  We want to make sure your loved one doesn’t experience any anxiety in a new place.