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Have fun training your dog and yourself. Pets and people who are considerate of each other have a healthy and happy life together. Tim is a ‘force-free’ and ‘harm-free’ trainer. We do not use shock or vibrate collars!

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Meet the Team

Tim Gold

Tim’s training style is one of those things that appears to be common sense as he makes it look easy, and it is-once you get the hang of it. Tim will guide you each step of the way after he’s assessed and trained your pet.

Mitchell Gold

Internationally known furniture entrepreneur Mitchell Gold is embarking on a new adventure. Teaming up with his partner and husband, Tim, the couple have co-founded Tim Gold Dog Training.


“Do you remember the scandal of Tammy Fae Baker’s luxurious dog house?  Air conditioned and beautiful!  Well, I thought it was all perfectly normal and not scandalous.”   —Mitchell

Our Services


The old adage that it’s “either one or the other” is no longer applicable in a world that has given us so much in terms of technology. You may prefer to jump in the car for an in-person session, send your dog to Paw Camp, or remain in the comfort of your own home with virtual classes, but what is most amazing is how in today’s world they can all work in conjunction.  This is why we encourage our clients to use the full range of options we have to offer. To get you started, we have prepared a list of our most popular programs.